Days of Being Wild : LIPS Magazine OCT19

4 Nov


Maurice & la Matelasserie X WISHARAWISH

4 Nov

Photographed by Boom Kritsada Hasapark

Styled by Daneenart Burakasikorn

Make Up & Hair by Phuwadon Dechphrom

Model – Alistar @WM & Elisa @SUMON

Creative Director : Wisharawish Akarasantisook

Eastern Lanna Project

4 Nov

Photographed by Jeeraw Bunpook

Make Up & Hair by Phuwadon Dechphrom

Model : Nariman & Katya @Bass Model Management

Creative Director : Wisharawish Akarasantisook

Love of my life

19 Sep

Love of my life : special collection to celebrate 150 years of friendship between Thailand & Austria Photographed by Mark Kawinkrua @attapmrk
Styled by Jirawat Sriluansoi @maanipulator
Hair & Make Up by Manaswee Kitpisut
Models : Sasha S / Bass Model Management @sasha_dzhuglo @bassmodelmgmt
Nikita / WM Management @mikita.model @wmmgmt #wisharawish @bangkokfashion_goes_vienna0001lay002laylat003layy4444404lay055lay 06lay07lay08lay09lay10สฟั11111lay 12lay13lay14lay15

#iWISHyouWEAR : Elle Fashion Week 2019

3 Sep
Photographed by Nucha Jaitip
Styled by Daneenart Burakasikorn
Model by Adams Z Bass, Sala A1
Make Up by Toon Chaidit
Hair by Dechachai Kerdphol

OrAnyIdea? X WISHARAWISH : being full of nothingness

15 Aug



For Wisharawish Akarasantisook, the cores and values of Yantra lie in its process that he considers a form of meditation as it calls upon all human’s three Vajras (body, speech, and soul) to work together in perfect unison with the hand working on sacred scripts and symbols, the chanting of mantras, and the full concentration needed to perform the task.

Looking more closely, the process of Yantra is a repetition of drawing and deleting of the mantras. Upon the completion of the drawing, the mantra is then deleted only to be re-drawn and deleted over and over again along the process that somehow follows the Buddhist concept of Samsara. The ritual ends with the final deletion of the Mantra reminiscent of a form of emptiness known as Sunyata or “Zero”. As a fashion designer, Wisharawish communicates these spiritual symbols through the details of this sculptural installation of costume designs named Zero. By employing masterful techniques and fine craftsmanship on simple materials that cost next to nothing, he composes a narrative paralleled to his own interpretation of Yantra with the design and production process as the very core. Leaf skeletons are uniformly cut into geometric shapes and sewn together before being tactfully crafted in a repetitive manner to create a complete cycle at the Zero point mimicking the Samsara and the Sunyata. Even the spiritual nature of Yantra, itself, is also reflected in the light and semi-transparent characteristics shared among all the chosen materials that result in the kind of ethereal beauty that, like Yantra, borders on both reality and fantasy.

Photographed by Nat Prakobsantisuk
All Clothes from collection “Zero” by Wisharawish Akarasantisook ,Fashion Designer and Creative Director of WISHARAWISH
Styled by Daneenart Burakasikorn
Producer by Sivika Prakobsantisukh
Make up by Chaidit Somsong
Model  Nikita WM management
Photographer Assistant by Ekkapong Tantiponprasert
Stylist Assistant by Jittida Kemkomnerd, Chata kaewudon

WISHARAWISH for Ubon Ratchathani

8 Aug

WISHARAWISH x KALASIN for Hong Kong Fashion Week 2019

2 Aug

Complex SimpliCity 2019 A/W TOKYO Fashion Week

19 Jul



VOGUE Thailand : The Wish Maker

19 Jul